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Founders Ramiro and Joanne Calomarde are joined by Mama Maria in this family owned and operated bistro that offers Argentinean cuisine with a variety of house made Italian dishes that will bring to your table the perfect balance from both cultures.

Chef Ramiro and Mama Maria are Argentine-born citizens of Italian descent and bring to Don Che traditional Italian dishes made with fresh pasta by Mama Maria and exceptional sauces made from scratch by Chef Ramiro and served fresh with every meal. If you haven’t tried Mama Maria’s Gnocchi – you are missing out! Every 29th day of each month is the official Gnocchi Eating Day, a tradition in Argentina and Uruguay that started over a century ago. You can read more by visiting this page.

During your visit to Don Che you will get a full experience. Not only with our food, but also with a variety of fine wines and house made Sangria that will compliment each meal. Our family-owned bistro offers a compelling alternative to traditional style venues with a focus on value and ambiance.
We also have friendly team members that will guide you through our menu, so no need to worry if you’re not familiar with our concept.

Welcome to Don Che!